BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many people to take extra measures to stay safe. Dr. David Shimm, a radiation oncologist at the Carl Larson Cancer Center, said they are treating this like they do other infectious diseases.

“Other infectious diseases tend to hit cancer patients a little bit harder so there’s no reason to think that COVID would not be the same,” Shimm said.

These medical experts serve many people in southern West Virginia who are battling cancer. Dr. Shimm said they are taking all kinds of safety measures to make sure you stay safe.

“Both staff and patients are stopped at the entrance, and asked a series of questions regarding your state of health, if you have any fever, any upper respiratory symptoms. Temperatures are taken,” Shimm said.

If you are not showing symptoms, then you are given a mask to wear and are asked to sanitize your hands before fully entering the center. Dr. Shimm said cancer patients can also take advantage of tele-medicine for certain appointments.

“Follow-ups can sometimes be done over the phone or over video,” Shimm said.

Dr. Shimm said the best piece of advice he can give his patients is to wash their hands.