PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – Holley Odle, the mother of Rylee Odle, describes her daughter as passionate in many regards.

She said Rylee had an interest in acting, choir, and was a member of a slew of other clubs and student organizations during her high school days.

With Rylee’s heart-warming personality came her love of community service, something her family continues in Rylee’s honor.

“Three times a year her organization is now feeding not only Amy’s House of Hope, but also the Princeton Tower.” said Holley Odle.

Rylee’s Sunshine Foundation also donated shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child in 2022. 

Rylee’s mother also said it did not matter who you were or where you came from, Rylee was a friend to all.

“Rylee loved everyone. Rylee didn’t care if you were a boy or a girl, or black or white, or an outcast. She did not care. Rylee loved you for you,” said Odle.

Rylee’s Sunshine Foundation has taken to using a specific hashtag to spread hope and sunshine in her memory.

“We have started using #bethesunshine, so when you can’t find sunshine, be the sunshine.”

Rylee’s Sunshine Foundation also gave out two separate scholarships this year. For those who want to donate to Rylee’s Sunshine Foundation, you can follow the link here.

Lisa Christian, Rylee’s Godmother, wants other to spread as much love and be as kind as one can to each other.