TALCOTT, WV (WVNS) — Sprouting Farms is proud to announce that this Saturday, June 25, 2022, they will be hosting a special version of their monthly Community Day event, in which it will be hosting to U.S. military veterans, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders.

Usually this type of event is for community members to learn organic farming methods, while of course having fun at the farm at the same time, but this month, Sprouting Farms has joined with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture to bring the members of the program, “Veterans and Heroes Agriculture program” to discuss about food access in the state of West Virginia.

According to Sierra Cox, Veterans and Heroes to Agriculture program Manager, “West Virginia faces a number of challenges that we must come together to solve. Chief among them is working to ensure access to fresh locally grown food for all. Sprouting Farms is doing great work to ensure that happens here in West Virginia, and this is a wonderful opportunity for Veterans and Heroes to Agriculture members to learn how they can be part of the larger food access solution,” in which she expressed as to why the the event is different and meaningful this year.

The goal of Sprouting Farms is to increase food access statewide, which is why they welcomed partnered participation with the Veterans and Heroes to Agriculture group.

Beth Villers, Sprouting Farms’ Food Access Coordinator, expressed her gratitude towards this generosity of the groups interest and support saying, “We’ve always felt that it’s our duty to use our resources here at the farm responsibly, to encourage healthy eating habits and provide tasty and nutritious options for people in the area. That groups like this want to get involved shows just how prevalent this issue is – it cuts across any other divide and affects everyone.”

 Sprouting Farms is always interested and hopeful when continuing to build new partnerships and finding fun and interesting ways to engage the community when it comes to addressing the topic of food access crisis in the state of West Virginia.

To learn more about taking part in the next Community Day at Sprouting Farms, please contact Beth at beth@sproutingfarms.org. And those interested in learning more about the WVDA Veterans and Heroes Agriculture program can contact Sierra at kcox@wvda.us.