SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WVNS) – Part of Summersville Lake was just chosen to be a new Leave No Trace Hot Spot.

Salmon Run at Summersville Lake was picked to be a Hot Spot by the Leave No Trace organization. From August 11, to August 15, 2022 a Subaru/Leave No Trace Team will work with US Army Corps of Engineers and partners to provide area visitors, land managers, volunteers and the local community with information, service work, and education to reduce impacts in the outdoors and continue protecting these public lands.

The goal of the Leave No Trace program is to encourage people within local communities to care for their surroundings and pick up after one another. Leave No Trace selects Hot Spot locations from all across the nation every year. The areas chosen are popular outdoor areas across the country that have experienced heavy recreational use and human-created impacts, including excessive trash, damage to vegetation, trail erosion, disturbance to wildlife and more. Hot Spots empower people to become the solution to these impacts in their communities.

“Hot Spot locations are heavily damaged but can recover with the help of a motivated community and an encompassing infusion of Leave No Trace programming. Centered around training, these efforts include a series of targeted workshops for local land managers, partners and volunteers, as well as community outreach events for the public conducted by expert Leave No Trace educators. Our goal is to put these Hot Spot areas on the road to recovery, while also creating aspirational guidance and recommendations for public lands across the globe.”

Dana Watts, Executive Director of the Leave No Trace organization

“Summersville Lake’s Ranger staff is fired up about being chosen to host a Leave No Trace Hot Spot. Decades of effort have been made to address the effects that our visitors have had on our park by, “loving it to death.” We sincerely hope by partnering with Leave No Trace, that all user groups are motivated to make greater strides to leave the lands and waters they so enjoy, better places, not only for themselves to make memories, but also for their children.”

Brandy Acord, Resource Manager at Summersville Lake & Dam

“Preserving and protecting our safe places for physical activity is a win-win for residents and visitors. Active SWV is excited to participate in workshops, provide activities, and continue the long-term work to improve our outdoor recreation spaces.”

Melanie Seiler, Executive Director of Active Southern West Virginia.

The following events are free and open to the public and we encourage people of all ages to attend. For more information visit the website here.