CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – New research has revealed states with the most cultural landmarks in the US, and West Virginia is in the top ten.

The study was performed by vacation rental marketplace FloridaRentals. They analyzed the number of cultural attractions in each state to see which states had the highest percentage of them. Landmarks, museums, and art galleries were considered cultural attractions in the study.

The study found that New Mexico is the most cultural state in the US. The state is home to 367 sights and landmarks, 505 museums, and 334 art galleries meaning that out of the 2,751 attractions in the state, 43.84% were considered cultural, the highest percentage of any US state.

#StateTotal attractionsTotal landmarksTotal museumsTotal art galleriesTotal culturalCultural as % of total attractions
1New Mexico2,7513675053341,20643.84%
4North Dakota65316964724036.75%
5Rhode Island1,4993601254953435.62%
6West Virginia1,3702841223644232.26%
9South Dakota1,1661921353135830.70%

West Virginia just barely missed the top five, coming under Rhode Island by a little under a hundred total cultural attractions. It came in sixth place with 32.26 percent of all atrraction in the state being classified as cultural attractions.

“While the larger, more populated states may offer a larger range of attractions, this data highlights which states are focusing on encapsulating culture the most. Whether it be through expressing history through museums and landmarks or showcasing creativity through art, it’s also a great draw for tourism.”

Spokesperson for Florida Rentals

This study was conducted by FloridaRentals, which offers Florida vacation homes with no service or booking fees in the most popular locations in the Sunshine State. The study used data available on TripAdvisor.