CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — With Halloween almost here, and Thanksgiving coming up, everyone has the question on their mind, when is the right time to start setting up for Christmas?

Everyone has their own opinion, with one southern West Virginia resident, Andrea Rollins saying, “Personally, I feel like never, but also, as a human who keeps Halloween decorations up year round, I support your decision to put up whatever makes you happy whenever it makes you happy.”

Another resident from Virginia, Larry Reclusado said, “The day after Thanksgiving,” whilst 2 other residents from Maryland had their own say on it: “I’d say after Halloween,” said Alex Goldstein, while the second said, “Whenever you want! Your house your rules,” exclaimed Kit Harlan Parkinson.

As a former West Virginian who observed what his neighbors used to do, Patrick Ryan shared, “According to the neighbors I had in WV, [they had their Christmas decorations up] all year, while 2 other Maryland residents agreed as well, “After Thanksgiving,” according to Mark G. Kaye and Katie Wohlford.

Kat Gee, another Maryland resident chimed in and said, “November 1st. Enjoy 2 months of Christmas cheer!”

To conclude, 59News Chief Meteorologist, Joe Fitzwater shared “the day after Thanksgiving,” is most appropriate.

Whatever you decide to do, there is no wrong or right answer. As long as the lights are up and shining brightly on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, there shouldn’t be any issues!