CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — It’s that time of year again, the holidays are back and our mouths are watering for those magnificent dinners to be made.

From turkey to ham, mashed potatoes to stuffing, who really makes the dinners in your household?

Every meal is different and prepared differently, and luckily 59News was able to get some insight about how people prepare their meals and who makes what for their holiday dinners.

Claudia Ellis, a local from West Virginia said “We [my husband and I] share the cooking unless we’re visiting family for the holidays – then a parent cooks. Neely Risal, a local from Maryland shared, “I do the tofurkey and sides, [my husband] Sandesh Risal does the real turkey.

While some couples make dinner together, there are other families that share equal work as well. Katie Wohlford, a resident from Maryland said, “I cook most of the meal (multiple veggie dishes, pies and sides) and my mother makes turkey, stuffing and gravy.”

And while others may be preparing, some are asking for leftovers, asked Paul A. Presenza a Virginia resident “And who has extra snackage they wanna mail?”

However you make your meals in your household, they are all meaningfully cooked and prepared in their own special way.