(WTRF) Halloween is here at the West Virginia Penitentiary.

The West Virginia Penitentiary will open on Friday night for all their Halloween events. Whether you’re interested in haunted houses or paranormal, it can happen at the West Virginia Penitentiary.

The Dungeon is the infamous haunted house at the West Virginia Penitentiary that has actors and props ready to scare you at every corner. The haunted house will take you through the basement of the prison.

The Dungeon is for 13+ only and the haunted house lasts about 45 minutes. Tickets for the Dungeon are $20.

If you’re not into actors and pop-up scares, you can take a North Walk.

The North Walk is when a tour guide takes you on a 45-minute tour through the oldest part of the facility including the boiler room, psych ward, infirmary, and the North Hall cellblock. You’ll hear some history and a few spooky paranormal stories on the North Walk.

Tickets for the North Walk are $20 and for 13+. Ticket sales end at 6:00 p.m. for the North Walk.

For events at the Penitentiary, you must purchase tickets online. The West Virginia Penitentiary is a cashless event.

To purchase tickets, click here.