BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Halloween is just around the corner and that means trick or treaters. It also means anxiety rises for property owners around the region.

Halloween can be a time filled with candy, cute costumes, and kids having fun. It can also be a time that fun turns into criminal activity like vandalism. Vacant homes and businesses are usually the easiest of targets but, not always.

The Beckley Police Department’s website has tips on how to deter vandals. The best is the appearance of someone at home. Having security cameras, turning lights on, or physically being present at your property is often enough. In some cases, knowing where kids are going and what their plans are after can help lower the risks the night turns rowdy.

If all else fails, call 911 to report suspicious activity instead of confronting vandals is the safest way for property owners.

The Beckley Police Department has several tips on how to keep your property safe which you can access by clicking here.