GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Halloween is a fun time for kids to snack on candy and dress as their scariest characters, but the real terror lies in the potential dangers your child may face.

Keeping your children and their trove of candy safe this Halloween is quite easy if you follow these simple steps from the West Virginia Poison Center:

  • Keep all candy away from all medicines. Colorful medications can easily be mistaken for candy, especially if kept in the same area.
  • Keep all THC edibles away and out of sight of children and pets. These items can easily be mistaken for non-medicinal snacks.
  • Throw away all candy with wrappers that are faded, torn, unwrapped or partially wrapped.
  • Be wary of homemade treats; only eat homemade treats from people you know.
  • Keep all chocolate and sugar-free products away from pets

Candy is not the only safety factor to consider in the spooky season. Proper costume safety is advised as well. Only paint faces with non-toxic labeled paint marketed for use on the face.

Also, be mindful of glowsticks, not allowing children to put them in their mouth or break them open.