GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Costumes and fun times are not the only thing to focus on as Halloween grows closer. Safety is also important to keep in mind.

While many people are concentrated on how much candy they will get, it is important to keep the following safety tips in mind when out trick-or-treating.

Candy Safety

When it comes to candy, be sure to think about what types of candy you are giving out and what candy your child brings home. For those who are handing out candy, be sure to have some non-candy options for kids who might have food allergies. If you have kids that are trick-or-treating, only accept homemade treats from family members or trusted friends, make sure that any candy received while trick-or-treating is commercially wrapped and sealed and throw away any candy that is opened or that has a worn out wrapper.

Stop kids from eating while trick-or-treating until candy wrappers have been checked for possible allergens, watch for any potential choking hazards, and keep medications out of reach from kids who could mistake it for candy.

When candy is at home, ensure that it is kept out of reach from your furry family members that cannot eat chocolate and other sweet treats.

Trick-or-Treating Safety

As kids go trick-or-treating, be sure that they know the route and to stay on sidewalks and crosswalks, and make sure the children know to look out for cars on the roads.

For those who have decorated their houses for Halloween, be sure that there are no tripping hazards with decorations, have porch lights on, and to use flameless candles for pumpkins when possible.

Before going trick-or-treating, be sure that your child knows a phone number to call if necessary or even write it in sharpie on their hand and cover it with clear nail polish so it will not come off. Do not let young children go trick-or-treating alone, make sure that kids know to not go inside unfamiliar houses to get candy, and keep phones charged before leaving.

Costume Safety

Before going out on this spooky night, take pictures of children with and without their costumes in a brightly lit area so there are updated photos of them in case of an emergency.

Add reflective tape, glowsticks, flashlights, or other bright ways for them to be seen so they do not blend in, however make sure that the children do not chew on objects suck as glowsticks. Ensure that their shoes and costumes fit properly and are made of a flame resistant material so there are fewer costume hazards, and try on costume makeup a couple days in advance in case of possible reactions.

Driving Safety

If you are out driving on Halloween, be sure to keep an eye out and watch the roads for trick-or-treaters and slow down, especially in residential areas where they could be walking by decorations, bushes, or behind parked cars.

Do not drink and drive on Halloween, and if you are planning to drink be sure that you have a safe ride home or somewhere to stay until the next day.

New drivers should be very careful if they are out driving on Halloween and make sure to pay close attention to roads and pedestrians.