GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Sometimes Halloween costumes can be hard to think of, especially last minute, when low on money, or with no means of getting one.

Here are some of the top 5 items you can use right from your house!

  1. Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls: This is a versatile and nifty piece that can be recycled into anything! Whether you’re feeling like a rock star and want to use one for a microphone, or feeling like a pirate this Halloween and needing a sword or a microscope, these recyclables have got you covered!
  2. Garbage Bags: Garbage bags can be used for really cool costumes! Feeling heroic? Use it for a cool flowing cape! If your feeling ghoulish, why not use it has a long creepy cape for a vampire look? And if you’re feeling a bit batty, you can use a garbage bag or 2 to make bat wings!
  3. Duct Tape: This is a great item to use, and can be used for virtually any costume. In this case, you can use it for being a skeleton. All you need is to wear all black, and then take strips of white or regular duct tape, and start creating a skeleton on your black clothing!
  4. Balloons: Balloons are so much fun to use for costumes and easy to blow up too! It’s even more fun being covered in them! Use pink balloons to dress up as bubblegum or add a shower cap, and a rubber ducky to make it look like your taking a bath (remember to use white balloons for bubbles)!
  5. Cardboard Boxes: Carboard boxes are another great household item to a last minute costume. Not only can you cut them and fit them, but they are great for painting on too! Why not try and be a colorful robot this year using this household item.
  6. BONUS: Plastic Gallon Milk Jugs: These are a great household item for a number of reasons. You can cut the plastic to make jewelry and other princess and fairy accessories, but did you know you can also make tiaras out of them? If you’re missing a crown for that king, or a tiara for that queen or princess, there are many templates that can be found online that can be used for cutting out a tiara out of a plastic milk jug.

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