Kansas City police officer, local man face off in sidewalk football


KANSAS CITY, MO (WDAF) — A Kansas City police officer and a local man went head to head, running a football route along a city sidewalk.

“I just said, ‘You can’t guard me,'” said Mugzy Bulljunk, who was running in the video. “I was like, ‘OK, let’s do it.’ He was like, ‘On the sidewalk?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah on the sidewalk.’ He said, ‘OK, let’s do it.’ So we did, and it was amazing.”

Bulljunk and friend Izzy Russel make videos to bring the community together, but this run-in with police officers was not planned. 

They saw an opportunity to build trust where they feel it’s been broken.

“We make people smile and spread love,” Russel said. “No matter what’s going on, no matter what conflicts we have — the good, the bad and the ugly — there’s still hope. There’s people out here who have love for each other no matter what.”

With more than a 150,000 views on Twitter, the video caught the eyes of Kansas City Chiefs players Tyrann Mathieu, Juan Thornhill, and Tyreek Hill.  

“We had the police, we had the football players, like it’s bringing everybody together,” Russel said.

The police sergeant’s football skills might be intimidating, but KCPD doesn’t want people to be scared of the uniform. 

“You want to have that relationship to be able to approach any officer, anyone you see on the street and have open dialogue and not have that fear,” KCPD spokesperson Officer Doaa El-Ashkar said.

El-Ashkar said officers are people, too. They’re here to protect and have a little fun when duty calls. 

“To see a black man and a white cop hugging each other, it just gives a sense of hope in America that we can come together regardless of skin color, sexuality, religion, belief, anything like that,” Bulljunk said.

Bulljunk and police agree good sportsmanship in the community is vital in moving forward. 

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