APPALACHIA, WV, KY, VA (WVNS) – Every other Tuesday at Midnight, we bring you the most notorious, most unknown, and the deepest crime cases that Appalachia has to offer.

The tenth episode of Crime In The Coalfields, centered around the tragic unsolved murder of Roy Melvin, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

Roy Melvin died in 1951. He was a Bluefield man who was shot multiple times, and still managed to try and make his way back home. Roy was getting firewood for his family just after Christmas, when the tragedy struck, and he was found with firewood on his body.

His granddaughter was always told stories about his trek home after being shot multiple times, but didn’t find out until later that his killer was never apprehended for the crime of murdering a loving family man.

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