APPALACHIA, WV, KY, VA (WVNS) – Every other Tuesday at Midnight, we bring you the most notorious, most unknown, and the deepest crime cases that Appalachia has to offer.

The fourteenth episode of Crime In The Coalfields, centered around the case of a mysterious infant left dead on the steps of a funeral home, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

A well-known mystery in Charleston, West Virginia is the story of Baby Grace. An infant who turned up on the steps to the Bartlett Burdette Cox Funeral Home, her identity was never discovered in all this time. For 50 years, Ghost Hunters have sought answers about the truth behind Charleston’s Baby Grace and the other ghosts believed to reside in the building.

The new owners of the building that used to be the funeral home have held ghost hunts on two separate occasions in order to better understand the history of the departed people within.

Even still, Baby Grace’s identity is unknown and will likely forever be. Why she was deceased, why she was left at the funeral home, and why no one came forward are all pieces of the mystery.

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