APPALACHIA, WV, KY, VA (WVNS) – Every other Tuesday at Midnight, we bring you the most notorious, most unknown, and the deepest crime cases that Appalachia has to offer.

The nineteenth episode of Crime In The Coalfields, centered around just some of the ghost stories in Raleigh County, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

The Greenbrier Ghost, The Lady in Red, and the ghost of William Martin. All of these stories and even more discussion are featured in this Halloween Special of Crime in the Coalfields. This episode, we start off by revisiting the case of Zona Heaster Shue, The Greenbrier Ghost, with some expert opinions. We bring back Ghost hunter and paranormal expert Scott Worley, from right here in Raleigh county, to talk about his favorite paranormal stories from our area. Then Crime in the Coalfields delves into some of the whys and the hows behind hauntings. But these stories only scratch the surface. There will always be more cases of the strange and supernatural to cover in West Virginia. So stay tuned to the podcast for part two.

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