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The twenty-fourth episode of Crime In The Coalfields and the premiere episode of season 2, centered around the Wolf Creek Murders of Giles County Virginia, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

In the premiere episode of Crime in the Coalfields Season 2, Izzy and Harper step outside of West Virginia, to Giles County Virginia. In 1978, Timothy Vaughn found a grisly murder scene near Wolf Creek on Route 61, centered around a burning Datsun pickup truck. He would later be inspired to enter law enforcement after the investigation of the Wolf Creek Murders. A young couple his age, Jeff Scott and Karen Noble, had been murdered.

Vaughn said he experienced a “very, very weird sensation” after finding the body. It was this feeling that caused him to look to the right of the truck, towards Wolf Creek.

“I turned and looked in that direction and cold chills came over me,” he said. In his line of sight, obscured by darkness and brush, was the place where Karen Noble would soon be found shot and drowned. Vaughn didn’t venture there, but instead went and called for help.

Help came and an investigation began that would span across the two Virginias. After all this, would the sudden and unexpected murders of Jeff Scott and Karen Noble ever be answered?

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