Administrators address water issues at Montcalm Elem., High Schools

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MONTCALM, WV (WVNS) — On Monday, December 9, Bluewell Public Service District issued a boil water advisory for Montcalm Elementary and High Schools.

Montcalm High School Principal Craig Havens said the schools could not use the water for drinking.

“They had some issues with the water supply, so they didn’t want us to use it for drinking water or cooking water or washing our hands in it,” Havens said.

When issues like these arise, Mercer County Board of Education administrators told 59 News they have procedures in place to make sure kids do not go to school in unsafe conditions. Principal Havens said the BOE provided both Montcalm Elementary and High Schools with a large supply of water and other essentials.

“They gave us cases of hand sanitizer, which we’ve kept available for the kids, not only in the bathrooms, but in their classrooms. They also gave us four gallon jugs of water for our cooks to be able to heat and cook with. Our water supply hasn’t been convenient, but the board has taken care of what we needed,” Havens said.

Parents expressed their concerns on social media. Some even made calls to the BOE. They pointed out PikeView Middle and High Schools closed Thursday because of a problem with Oakvale Road PSD. But Havens told 59News PikeView closed due to sewage problems and Montcalm students were not at the same risk as PikeView students.

“There was no worry here. I know that a lot of parents started showing some concern because they heard that PikeView was having the same issues, but that’s not the same issues. They were having some sewage issues there and weren’t going to be able to use the facilities. We were able to use the facilities, we just had to be provided water,” Havens said.

Students in both Montcalm Elementary and High Schools were provided plenty of water Monday through Wednesday. The water advisory was lifted Thursday, December 12, 2019.

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