The woman police say killed a 76-year old woman appeared before a judge in Raleigh County.

Jessica Lunceford was arrested last month for allegedly killing Sylvia Washington in her home in 2014.

In court, prosecuting attorney Kristen Keller read the chilling report from the Medical Examiner.

“Multiple blunt force injuries to her head and also manual strangulation, so violent that it actually fractured cartilage in the thyroid,” Keller said.

On Thursday, March 21, Lunceford appeared before Judge Kirkpatrick in Raleigh County. Lunceford was Washington’s caretaker at the time and is charged with first degree murder.

Washington’s family members were in the courtroom. Her nephew, Clifford Washington, said, “The detectives always said that they were still working on the case and trying to put all the evidence together so this has been rough for all the family members”

Lunceford’s bond is set at $100,000, denying a defense motion to limit bond to $60,000. Her defense argues she has been a model citizen since 2014, but it was not enough to sway the judge.

Prosecutors argue Lunceford had motive for the murder, as she was allegedly forging Washington’s checks and spent thousands on her EBT card after the murder took place. 

“If the detectives look further into that they’ll find out that there was not a period of time when she was not doing things that she should not be doing,” Washington said. 

Keller said in court that Lunceford was a person of interest from the beginning and she was aware police were investigating her.

“I’m very appreciative of the Beckley Police Department as I said in court today the murderer did a quote “good” job avoiding arrest,” Keller said. 

Investigators said they suspect others may be involved in the killing and more charges could be coming. Washington’s family has suspicions of their own.

“I think there’s others involved and I think they may know but just don’t have the evidence to put it together, but I think there were others involved,” Washington said. 

If Lunceford posts bond, she is ordered to go directly from jail to home confinement to await trial.