Concord University cracks down on spam emails

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ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — Anyone can fall victim to spam or phishing emails. Cayce Will, Chief Information Officer at Concord University, said spam emails are actually something many universities battle.

“We have thousands and thousands of students and thousands of previous students, alumni and everyone of them has an email address and they’re all essentially on a big database on the internet,” Will said.

Concord is one of many universities that fall victim to spam emails. But, IT officials at the university were able to receive a feature from Microsoft that will allow them to control simple mail transfer protocol, which is used in specific mailing systems. Will said this feature helps them detect and filter out the spam emails.

“It’s all back-end on the email server side. Our email administrators saw this huge spike in email volume and they don’t know what to do about it, they couldn’t control it basically. This security feature now allows us to shut it down before it can even happen,” Will said.

But, Will still encourages everyone to be careful when opening any email they receive.

“When you receive any email, even if it looks like a valid account, you treat it with a lot of skepticism. Check it. Make sure the email headers match what you expect. The content should be expected,” Will said.

If it it not the content you are expecting, Will said to leave it alone so you do not fall victim to hackers.

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