Fallen soldier’s remains found decades later

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Lois McGuire and her family grew up hearing about a lost war hero to whom they were related.

“A young boy from West Virginia is in the army and then four days after the war broke out, he’s part of that war,” McGuire said.

Corporal Jackey Dale Blosser was only 17 when he decided he wanted to risk his life fighting for the red, white, and blue during the Korean War. While his family awaited the return of their war hero, Jackey went missing in action on December 2, 1950, and was not seen or heard from again.

Family members conducted a search for years to reach some sort of closure and recently had their prayers answered; Jackey’s remains are coming home. Lois said she never had the opportunity to meet her Uncle Jackey, but now she and the rest of her family have something to be extra thankful for on Thanksgiving.

“All of the nieces and nephews and the one sister, everyone can say an extra thank you at Thanksgiving for his remains being returned,” Lois said.

Lois and her family are not the only ones who have searched for a loved one missing in action through serving. Her piece of advice for those families is to not lose hope.

“As long as it’s been for my Uncle Jack, just don’t give up hope because it is possible that they will be found at some point in time and be accredited for what they have done,” Lois said.

Lois said her Uncle Jackey will be laid to rest in the Grafton area sometime in 2020.

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