GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Gamers have been celebrating some huge anniversaries over the last couple of years with well known titles like “Pokémon” turning twenty-seven and “Super Mario Bros” celebrating their thirty-eighth in 2023.

It’s more than just these highly recognizable titles though – another franchise is celebrating a history spanning over several decades with a new title this year!

“Fire Emblem” is not as well known here in the United States as other titles like “Pokémon” or “Super Mario Bros”, but part of that lack of popularity can be attributed to the fact that some of the franchise’s titles never made it to localization and were subsequently unavailable in an English translation. This limited their audience to only Japanese speaking fans for those entries in the franchise.

Because of the limited access to these previous titles, “Fire Emblem: Engage”, releasing on January 20th, 2023, will be the first title where many gamers have the ability to get to know certain protagonists from past “Fire Emblem” games like Sigurd and Roy. 

The interaction with past protagonists is thanks to the new “engage” feature which allows players to call souls of other warriors housed in rings that can be obtained throughout the story. These warriors don’t just give advice or provide side conversation – they also help units in battle and provide perks aligning with details of their own stories. 

All of these details culminate in a tactical RPG experience that excites longtime fans of the series, offering them a taste of the franchise that was previously barred, while also opening itself up to new players by integrating gameplay that is customary to the series via the reintroduction of the weapon triangle (a rock-paper-scissors weapons system) that had previously been phased out in the series’ most recent iteration – “Fire Emblem: Three Houses”.

Nintendo has also deviated from their normal review embargo schedule for this title, which fans speculate is a sign that they anticipate especially positive scores. Embargos typically are lifted the Wednesday or Thursday before a Friday release, but the embargo on “Fire Emblem: Engage” is being lifted on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 ahead of its Friday release. Fans can expect influencers and gaming sites to start giving their thoughts around 6 A.M. that day.