Golden Bears give back to their community

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day for many to reflect, but it is also a day where many give back to their community.

WVU Tech’s campus is filled with many young adults who took the day to give back to their community. In fact, nearly 200 students went out in groups across the Beckley area to spend some time lending an extra hand.

59 News was able to catch a group of students at Beckley-Stratton middle school. William Wormsbecher was one of the students working on ways to clean things up for the younger students.

“Painting the bathrooms and making it look nice, we had little wipes and were cleaning the tables and making it cleaner,” Wormsbecher said.

Also part of the group was Amelia Dorman, who said doing those things made her feel like she made in difference in her own community.

“I mean it feels really good because we’re giving back to the community and we’re helping all these students have more supplies and goods available to them,” Dorman said.

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