GHENT, WV (WVNS) — While Halloween is meant to be a spooky season filled with fun, some true horrors have occurred in the history of Halloween.

59News took a look into some of the most notorious murders to happen on Halloween!

1.) Sister Tadea Benz Halloween murder

On October 31, 1981, in Amarillo, Texas, 76-year old nun Sister Tadea Benz was found in her room, in the convent she lived at, lifeless. Johnny Frank Garrett, who lived across the street from the convent, was found guilty of sexually assaulting and strangling Sister Benz according to the United States District Court For the Northern District of Texas’s report.

2.) 16-year boy comes home to true horror house

On October 31, 2010, Devon Griffin, 16, came home after spending the night out. According to the report made by the Sandusky Register, Devon began to search the house after noticing the eerie silence. Devon was then met with a gruesome scene as he found his step-father laying in a pool of blood in bed. Devon fled the scene and contacted his aunt who contacted the authorities. William Liske, 24, Devon’s step-brother, had used a claw hammer to bludgeon his father, William Liske, 53. After the bludgeoning, Liske shot his step-brother, Derek Griffin, 23, with a .22caliber rifle and did the same to his step-mother Susan Liske, 43, after sexually assaulting her. Liske pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated murder and according to Port Clinton News Herald, sustained a self-inflicted wound in his jail cell in 2015.

3.) Final Toolbox Killers victim murdered on Halloween

Lawrence Bittaker

On October 31, 1979, Shirley Ledford was picked up in a van by two men who she thought were just kind strangers giving her a hitchhike home, but their intentions were much more sinister. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris were infamously known as the Toolbox Killers as they tortured their victims, teenage women in the Southern California region, with common household toolbox items such as: pliers, hammers and icepicks. After torturing Ledford, they disposed of her body on a stranger’s lawn. This would be the final Toolbox Killers victim as an acquaintance of Norris’ would turn them in, according to Daily News. Bittaker was sentenced to death in March, 1981 and died of natural causes in San Quentin State Prison in December, 2019. Norris took a plea deal for life in prison and died of natural causes in California Medical Facility in February, 2020.

4.) Halloween Crime of Passion

After settling down for the night, Peter and Betty Fabiano awoke to a doorbell ring on October 31, 1957. Peter, thinking it was some late night trick of treaters, went to the door with candy in hand. He was met with a woman in a mask holding a brown bag pointed at the door. The woman fired a gun she had concealed in the brown bag, striking Peter in his chest killing him instantly. According to the Los Angeles Times, police arrested a Joan Rabel who had reportedly had a sexual relationship with Betty Fabiano. Rabel had convinced another woman, Goldyne Pizer to kill Peter. Rabel was convicted of second-degree murder, along with Pizer, and was sentenced to five years to life in prison. Both women were later released and Betty Fabiano was never tried for any connection in her husband’s death.

5.) The man who ruined Halloween

On October 31, 1974, Timothy O’Bryan, 8, returned to his home in Houston after trick or treating. His father, Ronald O’Bryan, gave Timothy a piece of candy before sending him to bed: a Pixy Stick. Within moments after ingesting the candy, Timothy began to vomit and died on the way to the hospital. Ronald claimed the candy had been poisoned, but after further investigation, police discovered Ronald had poisoned his son with cyanide. O’Bryan had recently taken a new life insurance policy out on Timothy and was trying to gain the life insurance funds to pay off his debts. This story sparked the media and has helped the stigma of checking your children’s Halloween candy for years to come. A year after Timothy’s death, Ronald was found guilty and was given the death penalty, according to Vice.