Local infectious disease doctor recommends how to stay healthy with Coronavirus in United States

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)- The 2019 strain of Coronavirus has hit the world in full force and fast. Zonaira Gul, Infectious Disease Doctor at Beckley ARH Southern West Virginia Clinic, said it’s caused many to be in medical emergency.

“People have died from this virus. The number of individuals infected with this virus is now in the thousands. This number is continuing to rise. The death toll continues to rise,” Gul said.

It has now reached the United States. Gul said so far nobody in our area has presented symptoms of this virus. However, we should still take precautionary measures so we continue to stay healthy.

“Try to avoid contact with sick people. Number two, handwashing. Handwashing is the key. Sometimes usual sanitizers, which we use at home and we have in our bags, they may not even be as effective,” Gul said.

Another thing we need to do to keep this deadly sickness from our area is limit traveling.

“Please don’t travel. If it’s not important, cancel your trip. It’s not worth the risk of your life,” Gul said.

Gul said medical professionals at the infectious disease clinic at Southern West Virginia Clinic plan to start checking all patients travel history. She also said to call your doctor ahead of time if you start experiencing flu like symptoms, because they’ll need to prepare the office and a room in case it is actually the coronavirus.

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