Mild winter causes plants to bloom early

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Spring does not start until Thursday, March 19, 2020, but plants are already starting to bloom.

WVU Extensions Services Agent, David Richmond, said he noticed plants blossoming already.

“We call them Easter Lillys, have already poked their heads up out of the ground. A lot of the bulbs are starting to perk up, and I’ve also noticed some of the buds swell in the maples and the popplers,” Richmond said.

Richmond said these bulbs and buds are not supposed to start this blooming cycle for another month or two. He said a mild winter is the reason behind such an early start.

“It’s way too early for us in this area to be having that. It becomes real critical on fruit trees because the bloom dictates what sets fruit or not,” Richmond said.

There are ways to protect your own plants according to Richmond.

“There are plant covers, tarps, and what have you for your smaller plants to protect them,” Richmond said.

Doing those small steps can keep your plants healthy. Richmond said everything cycles a specific way, and this milder winter means plants may need your help keeping healthy.

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