Milder winter this year means more bug sightings

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BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — Snow hit the area, but experts at Metrick Pest Control in Beaver said this winter has been warmer than usual.

James Chapman, an inspector at Metrick Pest Control, said when temperatures get warmer, bugs come out of the dormant phase they typically go into during the winter. But since things have been warmer, he said they received a lot of ant and spider calls this season.

“This winter, we’re getting a lot of ant and spider calls and things like that. We’re getting a lot of warm weather actually with a lot of 50 and 60 degree days through the winter months, so you’re not really getting a dormant period this year that we normally have,” Chapman said.

Chapman also said termites might come out earlier than expected this year as a result of the warmer temperatures this winter.

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