CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) – In the professional video-game streaming industry, there are quite a few big names with millions of followers. These streamers are making millions of dollars through subscriptions, advertising, and brand sponsorships. Some have even managed to make a few million before even turning 20. Their profits are set to jump even higher this year.

According to data presented by, professional game streamers are expected to make more than $100 million in 2023, or 22% more than last year.

The industry of watching other people play video games continues to surge in popularity. In 2020, when lockdown rules and COVID-19 restrictions made live broadcasts even more attractive to millions of people, Twitch, YouTube Gaming Live, and Facebook Gaming hit 28.7 billion hours watched, 81% more than before the pandemic. 2021 saw a 21% growth, with 34.6 billion hours watched on the three streaming platforms.

According to a Statista survey, professional eSports gamers and signed streamers made around $51 million in 2019. This figure jumped by more than 50% in the next two years, rising to $78.4 million in 2021. Last year saw $87.3 million in professional game streaming revenues, 11% more than a year before.

However, 2023 is set to witness the highest annual revenue growth, with streaming revenues expected to jump by 22.3% to $106.9 million.

The following years are also predicted to have growth just as impressive. Statista expects streaming revenues to grow by another 18% to $126 million in 2024. By 2025, the entire industry is set to reach a market volume of almost $145 million.

Statista data also shows that more than 30% of the global professional game streaming revenues come from China. The world`s largest streaming market is expected to hit a market volume of $32.1 million this year, up from $25 million a year ago.

The United States ranked second with $14.8 million in revenue and a 13% market share. Mexico, Canada, and India follow, with $9.5 million, $4.5 million, and $4.3 million in game streaming revenues, respectively.

Besides impressive revenue growth, the game streaming market will also witness a substantial user increase. Last year, around 526 million worldwide watched game streaming content. This figure is projected to grow by 10% year-over-year to 580 million in 2023. By 2025, the entire market is expected to reach nearly 665 million people globally.