Students collect plastic bottles from their school to recycle

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Beckley Elementary and Beckley Stratton Middle School students worked tirelessly for weeks to collect TruMoo bottles to bring to the recycling center.

Sherrie Hunter, Director of Education at the Raleigh County Solid Waste Authority, said these kids are part of a new pilot program that will collect these plastic bottles specifically for recycling.

“They knew when they finished their lunch, that they would not put that bottle in the trash. They knew that it was going to come to the recycling center. All of them have worked together for wonderful end results,” Hunter said.

Hunter said they were able to watch the 500 pounds of collected plastic bottles go through the line at the center on America Recycles Day. All of their hard work was removed from the bin and brought up the line to get sorted through and properly recycled on November 15, 2019.

Students, Morgan Dickens and Brooklynn McDowell, said the end results made them feel like they really made a difference in their community.

“It makes me feel good, because we’ve been doing a really good job with this. I’d give ourselves a pat on the back,” McDowell said.

“All of those days we had to go in the snow and rain, it took a lot to get that many, but it was worth it,” Dickens said.

Both girls said this project is now inspiring them to continue working daily to recycle and keep the environment clean, something others should do as well.

“We should be doing this because when we litter or don’t recycle, it goes to the ocean and destroys our animals,” McDowell said.

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