Summers County residents debate becoming second amendment sanctuary

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HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Gun rights was a hot topic at the Summers County Commission meeting on Thursday, February 13, 2020. People from all over the county attended to discuss to the possibility of becoming a second amendment sanctuary. Eddie Richmond was in the audience. He said he is in favor of this.

“It’s pretty much a label to where we’re saying you won’t get our guns without a fight,” Richmond said.

Joining Richmond in the audience was Dawn Sportsman Club President, Fred Rothe. Rothe said he was not there against anyone, he was there to look out for people’s rights given to them under the constitution.

“It was put in there for the people and the rights of the people. And we don’t want those rights infringed on,” Rothe said.

Richmond said these rights allow him to not only protect himself, but enjoy activities in the Mountain State.

“I hunt. I’m a target shooter. I mean, I’m just a country boy,” Richmond said.

County Commission President Jack Woodrum said they will be taking the resolution under further advisement. They hope to have a resolution on the agenda for next month’s commission meeting.

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