GHENT, WV (WVNS) – With winter approaching, make sure you’re keeping track of your utilities so you’re not facing a huge bill this winter.

Larry Meador, Business Development and Communications Manager with Mountaineer Gas Company, said to save on heating and gas, open draperies and blinds on sunny winter days to let the sun warm your home. You can also set thermostats between 65 and 70 degrees while you’re home, and at 58 degrees when away from home more than a few hours.

He said some places, such as Mountaineer Gas Company, may allow you to set a budget plan so you don’t end up with a huge bill this winter.

“You can contact your local department of health and human resources. There’s a twenty percent discount program some people can apply for, as well as a program called dollar energy, and there’s also an emergency light program they can apply for through DHHR,” he said.

Keeping track of your water heater and other appliances can save you some money this winter as well.