CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — No surprise, West Virginia’s must-have food is its famous pepperoni roll.

“France has the croissant. West Virginia? The pepperoni roll,” said Food & Wine, which determined the must-have food in every state. While some states were given widespread dishes as their must-have food, West Virginia’s is a local favorite and piece of state history.

Pepperoni rolls started as an easy packed and highly portable workingman’s lunch that coal miners would bring down into the mines.

While pepperoni rolls are not common in other states, Food & Wine pointed out that where other states’ foods have been around since sometimes before the state was created, pepperoni rolls have only been around for about a century; “so give it time,” Food & Wine said.

Every Italian West Virginia grandmother has her own recipe for the best pepperoni rolls. Some people use stick, sliced or ground sausage, some use cheese while others don’t, but they are all delicious.

There is still debate on who has the best pepperoni roll in the state. Food & Wine reported that Fairmont’s Country Club Bakery originated the local staple. Also in north central West Virginia, Tomaro’s Bakery in Glen Elk in Harrison County and The Donut Shop in Buckhannon in Upshur County are some crowd favorites, but Chico Bakery’s has been declared the official pepperoni roll of the West Virginia Mountaineers.