GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Thanksgiving is here, which is the time families and friends come together to celebrate, catch up with loved ones, and reminisce on old fond memories.

However, Thanksgiving meals can also go awry if topics discussed go down a bad path. This seems to be a trend across a lot at family meals and gatherings. However, there is a chance for future arguments to be avoided if you follow the following tips on which topics should maybe be avoided at Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are five topics that should best be kept to yourself when celebrating the holiday meal.


Religion is a big topic for people, especially if you do not believe in it. With some religions having different beliefs and values than others, tension can rise when personal input is given. Especially in today’s religious’ climate, maybe concentrating conversation to more inclusive topics that everyone can get behind would be the better option.


This is a topic that people should absolutely stay away from when eating at the Thanksgiving meal. If you and another guest or family member have opposing views, this can make a heated argument. Politics can be a touchy subject since not everyone is going to agree, especially since politics has become such a divisive subject to many.

Finances and Jobs

Finances can be stressful all year long. This is why many wish to keep this subject private. Not only can talking about finances or the lack of money can lead to heated arguments, but it leads to competition as well. You do not need to be arguing about who has the better job and who makes more money.


This topic can lead to a lot of pressure and stress. There will always be that one relationship at the table where parents try to push them to get married, judge them for living together, or asking if they are going to give them grandchildren. Everything will come in time!


Weight gain or loss is another sensitive issue for some because it can be an issue that is more beyond their control than others. Again, weight can be something everybody deals with year around. There is no point to bring it up on a holiday centered around giving thanks and having a Turkey-centered feast.

Each topic is a sensitive subject for many who deal with them. So, in a holiday surrounded around being thankful for everything and everyone in our lives, it is important to remember exactly that.