(WTRF) Country music artist Kid Rock took to social media on Monday and sent a message to Anheuser-Busch after the beer company started a partnership with trans activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

It started when Mulvaney posted a video advertising Bud Light’s March Madness contest. “This month I celebrated my 365 days of womanhood and Bud Light sent me possibly the best gift ever, a can with my face on it,” Mulvaney said in the video.

Rock started his boycott video by saying “Grandpa’s feeling a little frisky today.”


In the video, Rock says, “Let me say something to all of you and be as clear and concise as possible,” before firing rounds of ammunition into cans of Bud Light.

Rock ended the video by saying “F*** Bud Light, F*** Anheuser-Busch, have a terrific day.”

Anheuser-Busch responded to the public after conservatives started a social media campaign to boycott the beer company.

“Anheuser-Busch works with hundreds of influencers across our brands as one of many ways to authentically connect with audiences across various demographics and passion points,” a spokesperson for the company told Fox News. “From time to time, we produce unique commemorative cans for fans and for brand influencers, like Dylan Mulvaney. This commemorative can was a gift to celebrate a personal milestone and is not for sale to the general public.”