CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – A recent analysis from Great Lakes Stakes took a look at information from the National UFO Reporting Center and Ghosts of America in order to come up with the odds of a supernatural experience in each state. They found that ghost sightings aren’t quite as common as extra-terrestrial experiences in the United States.

The data revealed that West Virginia has 841 recorded UFO sightings and 596 ghost sightings. Taking population into account, the analysis concludes that there’s a one in 122,200 chance that a West Virginian will have a supernatural sighting. This puts the Mountain State in the 13th highest spot in the country.

Courtesy: Great Lakes Stakes

Pennsylvania has 4,592 reported UFO sightings, making it the 7th most-likely state to spot a UFO. The state also ranks highly on places to visit for ghost sightings with 2,239 registered experiences, making it the state with the 6th highest odds of seeing a ghost. However, with population as a factor, the state only ranks 35th overall with a one in 187,500 chance of seeing the supernatural.

Neighboring state Ohio also ranks highly in UFO and ghost sightings. Buckeyes are 8th most likely to have an extra-terrestrial experience with 4,110 registered encounters. The state comes in 3rd for ghost sightings with 2,903 sightings. According to the analysis, the odds of seeing the supernatural in Ohio is one in 167,200, making it the 29th state with the highest odds.

Maryland ranks the 4th state with the lowest odds of seeing the supernatural, according to the analysis. The state has 1,672 UFO sightings and 852 ghost sightings, making the odds one in 24,700 when accounting for population.

According to their website, Ghosts of America is a viewer-submitted site that has published thousands of ghost sightings across the US. They also published several state-specific books with those stories inside. The site says they only post stories they feel are true, as there is no way to verify the accounts. If they find out a story is untrue, they say they remove it right away.

The National UFO Reporting Center was founded in 1974 and has processed over 150,000 reports, according to their website. The center currently receives sighting reports from the website and used a telephone hotline prior to 1994. NURC’s About Us page says “The website and hotline are well known by law enforcement agencies, FAA ARTCC’s and flight service stations, National Weather Services offices, military facilities, NASA, and many 911 emergency dispatch centers all across the United States and in many parts of Canada. Those entities routinely direct the calls they receive regarding possible UFO sightings to the Center.”