MORGANTOWN, WV (WVNS) – A West Virginia University (WVU) School of Nursing student delivered a surprise baby last month while working as an EMT, which she describes as an ‘unforgettable experience’.

Tanner Colley, a WVU School of Nursing student was working as an EMT with Ambulance & Chair EMS in Washington County, Pa. in early June, when she and her co-worker Taylor Hampshire, a paramedic, were dispatched to assist a woman in active labor.

When they arrived, the patient was being helped by Cokeburg Volunteer Fire Department. Before Colley and Hampshire could get the patient to the hospital, she gave birth to a baby boy in the back of the ambulance.

“Helping deliver this baby was the most fun EMS call I have ever been on in my almost six years of working on the ambulance. I am very thankful for the help and guidance from my wonderful paramedic partner, Taylor, and of course what I learned in my OB classes and clinicals.”

Tanner Colley, WVU School of Nursing student and EMT

She continued the story by explaining how the moment was an amazing experience.

“Once we got the baby delivered, Taylor and I were so happy and relieved. Then we had the amazing experience of being able to share the joyful moment with mom and dad in the back of the ambulance during the rest of our trip to Washington Hospital. It definitely reminded me of what EMS and nursing are all about!”

Tanner Colley, WVU School of Nursing student and EMT

Colley, a Tennessee native who is also a cadet with the WVU Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), first started working part-time as an EMT during her senior year of high school. She worked as an EMT throughout her college experience and has had the opportunity to work in four different Pennsylvania counties during her time as an EMT.

“I fell in love with EMS and earning by BSN/RN seemed like the next step in my career,”

Tanner Colley, WVU School of Nursing student and EMT

“I attribute a lot of my success in nursing school to my experiences working on the ambulance. It has given me time to practice communicating with patients, families, and other healthcare providers. Additionally, it has helped me improve my patient assessment skills, critical thinking, and ability to work under stress.”

Tanner Colley, WVU School of Nursing student and EMT

Colley says she looks forward to taking all these skills and experiences forward into her career as a nurse. She accepted a spot as a Pre-Nursing student at the WVU School of Nursing, then applied to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program and was accepted. Her anticipated graduation date is December 2022.