GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Sometimes we like to think to ourselves, what would it be like to have a superpower?

There is no doubt we have all had this thought. Whether we want to be invisible from an embarrassing situation, or be able to manipulate time, the following is the top five list for superpowers someone would want to have.


Flying is one of the most typical superpowers that someone would want. I mean, who would not want to be able to fly around? Not only would it be fun, but according to, you would be able to get to destinations much faster than the average person and it’s a great way to get across oceans and other areas that are filled with crisis.


This is a basic superpower that be used both offensively and defensively. You could make yourself invisible, while possibly making things around yourself invisible as well, states Depending on the situation, it could also help save your life if you get into a sticky situation such as being mugged or being attacked. You could also play tricks on people because they would not be able to see you!

Super Strength

Super strength could be super helpful, especially if you get into a fight, according to This superpower could also be helpful when you are trying to move furniture or just trying to move things in general. Everything would feel like the weight of a feather!

Super Speed

According to, this superpower is easily one of the most powerful abilities. Not only could it help you in bad situations, or help you get to a destination more quickly, but you would have the ability to time travel as well. You could also alter and change time with easily with this superpower.

Telekinesis says when it come to telekinesis, you would have the ability to move objects with your mind. This could be a good form of self defense, but it requires a lot of mental strength. This superpower could also be use offensively. If you drop the television remote, you would not have get up to get it!