LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — Quarantine might have kept you busy reading, and if that is the case, one bookstore in Greenbrier County is interested to hear what your favorite quarantine books were.

A New Chapter Bookstore in Lewisburg puts out a new Staff’s Pick book on the store’s social media every week. Manager, Shaye Gadomski, said on Monday, they release Adult books, Wednesday is for teens and tweens, and Little Reader books get shared on Fridays.

“We have missed our readers dearly with the shutdown and everyone keeping their distance, which we do encourage,” Gadomski, said. “But now that everyone’s back in store, we’ve asked them what their quarantine reads are, what they still are or what they were, what they liked or didn’t like. I’m the manager here and I order all of the books for the store, so it really helps me know what our readers want when they talk to me.”

Every week features new books. The books will also be featured in A New Chapter’s Newsletter.