MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Mountaineer fans can own a piece of one of WVU’s most popular uniform sets in recent years.

The Mountaineer Athletic Club is auctioning off a set of West Virginia’s Country Roads Uniforms, including the jersey and pants. A total of 30 sets are on the block until the end of Friday.

As of midday on Thursday, bids range from $330 to $450. The set earning the highest big is the No. 0 jersey and pants, however, nameplates have been removed from the back of the shirts.

WVU’s Country Roads uniforms were unveiled in June 2022 in a teaser video on social media. The design, which features a roadmap of the Mountain State, got rave reviews from players and fans.

“Even the details in the numbers where it has every main country road, I even went up to the jersey, found my hometown just by the roads,” said WVU center Zach Frazier in the preseason. “It’s special. It really is…To be one of those people, to represent your state, it means everything, especially seeing your city on the map, on your uniform, I can’t put it into words, really.”

West Virginia donned the uniform in its season opener against Pitt, then broke it out once again as it defended the Black Diamond Trophy against Virginia Tech.

Bidding will run until 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday. Click here to leave a bid.