Senior Scott Joll, junior Peyton Hall, and redshirt sophomore Austin Cooley of the West Virginia University wrestling team finished in the top eight of their respective weight classes to claim All-America status at the 2022 U23/U20 World Team Trials in Geneva, Ohio, over the weekend.

“I’m happy for Peyton, Austin, and Scott. Placing at a national event is always nice,” fifth-year coach Tim Flynn said. “Our team needed the competition and we certainly have some things to work on this summer.”

At 163 pounds (74kg), Hall led the way with a second-place showing in the U23 Men’s Freestyle after rattling off six wins to setup a best-of-three series against Iowa’s Patrick Kennedy in the finals.

Cooley also cracked the top five, finishing fifth with a 5-2 record at 202 pounds (92kg) in the U23 Men’s Freestyle, while Joll reached sixth at 191 pounds (87kg) of the U23 Greco-Roman tournament.

Altogether, 11 Mountaineers represented the West Virginia Regional Training Center throughout the trials.

Complete results from the weekend are below by event and weight class:

U20 Greco-Roman World Team Trials

70kg – 154 pounds

  • Brayden Roberts tech. fall Ratbek Erkinbekov (Menlo WC), 11-2
  • Ashton Miess (Combat WC School of Wrestling) tech. fall Brayden Roberts, 13-4
  • Kaden Reetz (Minnesota Storm) dec. Brayden Roberts, 3-2

U23 Greco-Roman World Team Trials

87kg  191 pounds

  • Cornell Beachem (Mount St. Joseph) won by fall Scott Joll, [T – :59]
  • Scott Joll tech. fall Branson Britten (Northern Colorado WC), 8-0
  • Scott Joll tech. fall Eli Sheeren (Bulls WC), 10-1
  • Cornell Beachem (Mount St. Joseph) tech. fall Scott Joll, 14-5
  • Gevorg Arakelov (Hunter College) tech. fall Scott Joll, 10-2 (6th place)

U23 Freestyle World Team Trials

57kg – 125 pounds

  • Anthony Hughes (Marian University) tech. fall Jace Schafer, 12-0
  • Brett Ungar (Spartan Combat RTC) tech. fall Jace Schafer, 10-0

65kg – 143 pounds

  • Jordan Titus tech. fall Caleb Edwards (Rootstown WC), 10-0
  • Jordan Titus tech. fall Emory Taylor (Pittsburgh WC), 11-1
  • Clay Carlson (Jackrabbit WC) tech. fall Jordan Titus, 11-1
  • Nathan Lucier (Bearcat WC) dec. Jordan Titus, 9-6
  • David Evans (Nittany Lion WC) dec. Michael Dolan, 7-0
  • Christopher Rivera (Buies Creek WC) dec. Michael Dolan, 9-0

70kg – 154 pounds

  • Daniel Manibog (Cowboy RTC) tech. fall Brayden Roberts, 12-2
  • Vincent Mannella (Pennsylvania RTC) tech. fall Brayden Roberts, 12-2

74kg – 163 pounds

  • Peyton Hall tech. fall Melvin Patterson (Notre Dame College), 10-0
  • Peyton Hall dec. Julian Ramirez (Spartan Combat RTC), 6-3
  • Peyton Hall tech. fall Jacob Potok (Compound Wrestling – Great Lakes), 12-1
  • Peyton Hall tech. fall Luke Odom (Illinois RTC), 11-0
  • Peyton Hall dec. Joe Lee (Nittany Lion WC), 9-4
  • Peyton Hall dec. Bubba Wilson (Nebraska WTC), 9-0
  • Patrick Kennedy (Hawkeye WC) dec. Peyton Hall, 8-3
  • Patrick Kennedy (Hawkeye WC) dec. Peyton Hall, 5-0 (Runner-up)
  • Daniel Snediker (Brunson UVRTC) dec. Walker Heard, 11-7
  • Walker Heard dec. Riley Onorato (Pennsylvania RTC), 6-1
  • Brett McIntosh (Wyoming RTC) tech. fall Walker Heard, 10-0

79kg – 174 pounds

  • Braden Smelser (Central Valley RTC) tech. fall Andrew Sharer, 11-0
  • Andrew Sharer tech. fall Luke Ciampa (East Stroudsburg), 13-2
  • Andrew Dickson (George Mason) tech. fall Andrew Sharer, 10-0

86kg – 189 pounds

  • Sam Osho (Knights WC) wins on criteria over Anthony Carman, 8-8
  • Anthony Carman dec. Nathan Dugan (NJ RTC), 8-6
  • Anthony Carman tech. fall Micah Ervin (Southern Illinois RTC), 11-1
  • Anthony Carman tech. fall Scott Joll (West Virginia RTC), 11-1
  • Anthony Carman tech. fall Dennis Robin (West Virginia RTC), 10-0
  • Michial Foy (Gopher WC) tech. fall Anthony Carman, 11-0
  • James Lledo (Pittsburgh WC) tech. fall Dennis Robin, 11-0
  • Dennis Robin tech. fall Tyler Brandt (Life University), 13-2
  • Dennis Robin tech. fall Alex Hobbs (Wilmington College), 10-0
  • Dennis Robin won by fall Trevo Dopps (Cowboy RTC), [T – 1:56]
  • Anthony Carman (West Virginia RTC) tech. fall Dennis Robin, 10-0
  • Scott Joll won by fall Michael Ferree (Golden Pride WC), [T – :26]
  • Maximus Hale (Pennsylvania RTC) tech. fall Scott Joll, 10-0
  • Anthony Carman (West Virginia RTC) tech. fall Scott Joll, 11-0

92kg – 202 pounds

  • Austin Cooley tech. fall Carson Berryhill (Oklahoma RTC), 11-0
  • Austin Cooley tech. fall Garavous Kouekabakilaho (Viking WC), 10-0
  • Jacob Cardenas (Spartan Combat RTC) dec. Austin Cooley, 9-1
  • Austin Cooley tech. fall Conor Maslanek (Buies Creek WC), 10-0
  • Austin Cooley tech. fall Robert Stiggow (Cliff Keen WC), 10-0
  • Andrew Davison (Wildcat WC) tech. fall Austin Cooley, 10-0
  • Austin Cooley dec. Nicholas Willham (Indiana RTC), 6-2 [5th place]

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