Crook Brothers business slows due to COVID-19 concerns


BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Crook Brothers Produce Distributors in Beckley relies heavily on schools and restaurants for their business. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic started, their business has taken a hit. Ryan Crook, the Sales Coordinator, said he saw a significant drop in numbers.

“I mean we have seen at least an 80 percent decrease in sales. It varies by items and a lot of items can be utilized in a retail segment, but most of all your food service items child nutrition items have been gone,” Crook said.

The Crook Brothers are not the only people struggling during the pandemic.; the food industry is in general.

“It has been extremely disruptive the food industry has been flipped head over heels,” Crook said.

One plus for the Crook Brothers right now is that even though schools are closed, grade schools are still providing food to their students. The schools started their summer feeding programs early due to COVID-19.

“We are still delivering for their summer feeding programs which they are utilizing right now. That scale is going to be extremely limited, so we are doing the best we can to fill orders and get them items that they can easily package,” Crook said.

Since the employees at Crook Brothers are dealing closely with food, they have to take extra precautions in the work place. They implemented a COVID-19 procedural plan that employees must follow.

“We are limiting the amount of food traffic, we are limiting the amount of staff working at any given time and we are cleaning the place way more thoroughly then I think we have ever done before,” Crook said. .

Crook Brothers wants the public to know if there are any outlets that are in need of food to reach out to them. Their contact information can be found on their website.

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