SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — For many Summers County residents, there is only one place to be on a fall Friday night.

Head Coach Josh Evans and his squad hope to give the county something to talk about each and every weekend

The beginning of his tenure did not start out as a storybook beginning to a season.

“Well, yeah, I mean, in the first five games of the season last year, we fumbled the ball 29 times and lost 24 of them. And when we had [Greenbrier] West down here. We fumbled five times and four of those were inside the ten,” said Evans.

A small school and an even smaller roster, the Bobcats started fewer seniors last season than quarters in a game.

“Well, last year we started the back half of the season. We started nine freshmen and sophomores and at one time and you know, it was exciting to watch them grow as what it was. Now we expect a little bit more out of those 14 and 15-year-olds are now 15 or 16 we were going the right directions last year but again when you’ve got a 14-year-old playing against 18-year-olds it doesn’t add up and we don’t have that excuse this year,” said Evans.

A lack of experience leads to a lack of leadership, which leads to a lack of success. These issues culminated in a two-win season for the Bobcats.

“Yeah, it makes it a little more difficult. You don’t have as many leaders on the team yet. We have more leaders now. Everybody stepped up kind of, and everybody has more experience now. I don’t think there’s anybody on the team that this will be their first game,” said junior offensive and defensive lineman Bryce Taylor.

Several players took the season to heart, feeling like they could have left more out on the field. They built upon that feeling and molded it into something that drives them through each and every practice.

“100% every play. I feel like I let something off last year, but I’m working on myself this year to push myself. We are just, we’re hungry right now, you know, last year was rough, but we took that season personal,” said senior quarterback and safety Duke Dodson.

In his second year at the helm, Evans feels more confident about the work he put into what is in the hearts and helmets of his players.

“You know we’ve got guys with ten games experience under their belt and that’s a huge huge thing for like the kids as a whole. You know, I know what to expect out of them and they know what to expect out of me and you know we have gelled really well. We have spent all winter with them and we’ve developed a relationship, a really good relationship,” said Evans.

While some might see the small community and smaller roster as a hindrance for the Bobcats, the guys in black and orange see it as their advantage.

“But the community wants us to win, you know, they have backed us 110% and that’s what we’re doing it for, you know, we’re just trying to put a good product on the field,” said Evans