BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS) — It is already an achievement for a high school to have multiple students commit to play at Division 1 schools. It is even more special to have two students sign on to play for the same school.

This is exactly what happened on Friday, December 17, 2021, at Graham High School.

Since they were seven years old G-Men seniors Xayvion Turner-Bradshaw and Brody Meadows were side by side. Whether they were on the court, the football field, or in the classroom, they have always been inseparable. Now, the two will take on college together as both signed on to play football at Virginia Tech.

“It’s a blessing. If you told me I was signing to go play D1 football four years ago I would not believe you to be honest. To be in this position today and to have a chance to carry on my career and make this town proud means everything to me, this is family,” said Meadows.

Meadows originally planned on taking his talents to Charlottesville and the Cavaliers, but after coaching changes at UVA and Virginia Tech, he decided to make the switch.

Turner-Bradshaw had offers from several schools including Vanderbilt, but when he and Meadows went to Blacksburg to tour the campus, they both were quick to make up their minds.

“Ever since sophomore year everyone would ask me once I started getting offers where I was going, Brody was already getting offers so I would always tell them, I am going wherever Brody goes and now it is actually happening,” said Turner-Bradshaw.

Both men now get to celebrate seeing their hard work pay off, and they got to do so in front of a large group of friends family, and classmates.

Meadows said it is already an indescribable feeling achieving a childhood dream, but to do so with his best friend is something he never imagined.

“I do not look at him as a best friend or as a friend that is my brother if we are not the same blood, we have been together since seven years old on the football field and to be able to continue that for four more years is crazy, and what the town will continue to see from and Graham and Virginia Tech, it is a new uprising,” said Meadows.

Both Meadows and Turner-Bradshaw say they can’t wait to get to Blacksburg and get to work. Doing it side by side just like they have since they were 7-years-old.

For Meadows, it was his last day of school, as he is graduating early and heading to Blacksburg. Turner-Bradshaw now sets his sights on his senior year of basketball with the G-Men.