MEADOW BRIDGE, WV (WVNS) – Our High school football Game of the Week this week comes from Meadow Bridge, as the Wildcats take on their Fayette County rivals, the Midland Trail Patriots.

It’s a Fayette County showdown, and a Fayette County tradition. The kids playing in Friday’s game grew up together, they live near each other, and they know each other. But on Friday night, the players say those friendships are out the window.

“It’s going to be pretty high-intensity. Pumped up. Ready to play,” said Meadow Bridge Offensive and Defensive Lineman Blake Bennett.

“You know we can be friends off the field, but as soon as it’s on the field it’s over. No friends,” said Midland Trail Quarterback Jaden Gladwell, a former Meadow Bridge player.

Last year it was the Patriots taking the rivalry game 33-0, but with home field advantage this season the Wildcats believe this year will be different.

What’s going to make this game interesting is the clash in style between the two programs. For Midland Trail, a high-flying, free-scoring, Spread offense approach, and for the Wildcats, a punishing defensive identity.

“I feel like us wide receivers just do our part, run the route, and Jaden puts the ball where it needs to be and then us wide receivers just go up and make a play on it,” said Midland Trail Wide Receiver Cody Harrell.

“I would be surprised, and nothing against what we do offensively, but I would be surprised if we win in a shootout,” said Meadow Bridge Head Coach Dwayne Reichard. “You know, we’re going to have to play good defense.”

Construction is already underway for a new Meadow Bridge school that’s going to replace the old high school building. But that means the parking lots, the facilities are all torn up and there’s construction equipment all around.

Meadow Bridge Head Coach Dwayne Reichard is also the Athletic Director, and he gave an update on what they’re doing to accommodate having fans at the game.

“We parked over at the Elementary, I think they said 85 cars last weekend, and it was pretty well full. And we just kind of maximized everything,” Reichard told 59News. “So we have a plan. We’re going to park some people downtown at the local churches and shuttle people in by bus, and try to accommodate as best as we can.”

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