CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Shady Spring versus Philip Barbour, a heated rivalry as of late. These two teams are more than familiar with each other, as they split the last two championship matches.

The Shady Spring tigers are looking to redeem their runner-up performance from last season, and they surely do not want to add insult to injury by losing to the Colts once again.

This was the last matchup of the day on Thursday, November 10, 2022, an event normally held on Friday night now pushed to Thursday afternoon.

The Colts came fast out of the gates. The first set was textbook, as both teams volleyed the lead back and forth, but in the end, the Colts would take the first set.

Shady Spring Tigers volleyball head coach Kelly Williams said it best, this tournament is built on momentum, and the Colts would carry that momentum to claim a second straight set.

The tigers found themselves with their backs against the wall and their season on the line. They needed to make some magic happen. They needed to win two in a row to take the trophy and that is tough to do.

An onslaught of offense created a 13-4 run, which put the Tigers in a good spot. But the Colts put together a run of their own to take the lead.

The Tigers did not go down without a fight and closed the gap late in the fourth.

But the Colts had a little bit more left in the tank and would go back to back.

While the Tigers could dwell on what went wrong after coming up short again, Williams wants her girls to focus on what it took to get here.

“Hey you could point fingers all day long but at the end of the day these girls are my girls and I love them no matter what whether they win or lose and I am extremely proud of their season,” said Williams.

Camille Testerman, Chloe Thompson, and Meg “Megladon” Williams all made the AA all-tournament team.

Now the Tigers will more than likely return home to Raleigh County to rest and get an early start on getting a game plan ready to take on PB for the fourth time next year.