COAL CITY, WV (WVNS) – The Independence Patriot football team was recognized by their classmates for capping off an undefeated, record-breaking season with a state championship game victory in Wheeling on Friday, December 2, 2022.

With the victory, the members of the team leave behind a legacy that will live on in the history of Independence High School forever.

All-State Running Back Judah Price said he is proud he will always be remembered alongside some of his closest friends.

“We’re going to be tight until probably the day we die honestly,” said Price. “The state championship honestly probably helped that, but we had that bond before that.”

But it is not just at the high school where the 2022 Patriot football team will be remembered. Coal City, Sophia, and all of the surrounding community showed their support for Indy all year long.

Senior Logan Isom said the support from the entire community all season long, spurred the players on even when times got hard.

“During the season there were games where it was pouring rain, cold, and our stands were still packed. And they traveled. We went to Poca, the stands were filled. We went to Wyoming East, the stands were filled. They always traveled with us and that was really special,” said Isom.

After coming up just short in the state championship game in 2021, the Patriots promised themselves as a team they were going to make it back in 2022, and they were going to win the whole thing. A promise they fulfilled.

But another promise, this one from Price, was also fulfilled at the pep rally. Where his teammates made good on the deal that if Indy won the state championship, Price would let them shave his head in front of the whole school.