WVSSAC facing Official shortage

High School Sports

(WVNS) — The WVSSAC is facing an Official shortage and needs your help! If there are no Officials on the gridiron or the court, games can not be played.

Larry McCloy is the WVSSAC State Football Clinician, he said being an official has made him lifelong friends and he has loved giving back to the community. He is hoping people will step up and join the other Officials around the state so kids can continue to play the games they love.

“Statewide we are short all Officials. When dealing with football, we have 526 active calling Officials, and over the last 15 years, that is probably down to about 100. So there is a shortage in all sports,” McCloy said.

One perk of becoming an Official is you get to make your own schedule and make a little extra cash.

If you are interested in becoming a WVSSAC Official contact your local football association or the WVSSAC for other sports.

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