2020 Primary Elections impacted by COVID-19

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — West Virginia’s Primary Election is right around the corner. Early voting kicked off May 27, 2020 and runs through June 6, 2020.

This election year looks a little different since the COVID-19 Pandemic left candidates unable to campaign out in their communities. Benjamin McKoy, from Raleigh County, said social media is a good way to do so.

“Social media is what a lot of people are looking at so radio, talk-show hosts, different things when it comes to media. I think it’s a great way they can reach out to us during this,” McKoy said.

But are the powers of social media really enough? William Smith told 59 News he and other people more than likely had their minds made up before candidates resorted to these efforts.

“People are going to vote the way they’re going to vote regardless,” Smith said.

But McKoy said it is important to see these candidates out in communities with the people. He said that is something that goes a long way when making the decision to vote for a candidate.

“It’s kind of like a personal touch versus when we see them on a video or add. When we see them out in the community doing things, it causes us to look at them more closely,” McKoy said.

Smith said people need to be more appreciative of what we do have at the end of the day, despite this ongoing pandemic.

“You know everybody should appreciate what we got instead of what we don’t have,” Smith said.

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