Keeping your four-legged friends warm this winter

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PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Wintertime in West Virginia can be tough on everyone, even our four legged friends. Leaving animals outside is an issue in southern West Virginia, according to shelter director, Stacey Harman.

Harman said West Virginia laws regarding animals are more relaxed than other states. She said the shelter gets calls frequently about animals being left out in the cold.

Harman and the Mercer County Animal Shelter suggest bringing your animals in, but if you are unable to bring them inside, Harman said there are ways to keep your pets warm and safe this winter.

West Virginia state law requires all animals outside must have food, water and a shelter with three covered sides. There is no specific temperature the shelter advises to bring animals in. Harman said though, if you are cold, there is a good chance your pet is, too.

Hay, blankets or another padding materials are often used to keep outside homes warmer for animals, said Harman. She said always remember if you do have an animal outside, their water bowls are more likely to freeze over with lower temperatures.

Harman said if you see an animal in need or one without proper shelter, call animal control.

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