Memorial Day banners hung in Hinton

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HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Those with the Veterans Memorial Museum wanted to do something special to honor local heroes this Memorial Day. President of the museum, Tim Wheeler, said they got permission from the city to work with other volunteers and decorate the streets with banners.

“We decided to do banners to hang up banners for veterans and those in active duty,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler said these banners will recognize local heroes for the next month. The families of those veterans and active duty members are proud to see the banners on display. Wheeler said his dad served, and now his banner hangs on Second Avenue.

“I love it. And I’m sure he would too. He was very active with the museum. He got me started in it,” Wheeler said.

Out lending a helping hand Friday morning was County Commission President Jack Woodrum. He said hanging banners and recognizing what these men and women did is necessary.

“We need to remember their service and honor their service to our country. We also need to recognize that many of these men and women are the ones that come back and become law enforcement officers and our firemen. They’re the ones that went above and beyond in our community,” Woodrum said.

Wheeler said they plan to hang the banners again in November for Veterans Day.

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